PTSA Discounts provides PTAs, PAs, POs and PTOs with specially designed discount cards.

Here’s how it works: businesses that are located close to your school can choose to participate in sponsoring and honoring these cards for significant discounts. The cards are eligible for substantial discounts on products that these businesses offer. Your Parent Teacher Organization may order as many PTSA Discount cards as needed for the entire school population, which includes parents, teachers and students.

The cards are free of charge, and are funded by the local businesses and professionals along with PTSA. The discounts are valid on a daily basis for 10-30% off at a number of venues, including supermarkets, dry cleaners, beauty salons, movie theaters, doctor’s offices, furniture stores, day care centers, etc.

Your PTA may participate as a distributor of these cards by simply contacting our offices at 1-800-543-3829 and requesting a membership form, which will be faxed or emailed to you promptly.

The PTSA Card is also valid for free and unlimited emergency taxi rides, should any parent, teacher or student require such service due to a compromising or dangerous situation. This emergency program is titled Student Lifeline, which has been operating and providing emergency rides since 1988.

We look forward to serving your school with this attractive discount and potentially life-saving program.

Sample front panel of a folding, wallet-size card, once extended, has appearing upwards of 35 different sponsor discounters in each school building area.

Shop and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year by Using you PTSA Card