Off-Campus Safety Initiative

Student Lifeline, since 1988, has been engaged in crisis intervention services for students avoiding drunk driving and threatening date incidents by providing free and unlimited emergency taxi transportation.

As a result of ever increasing incidences of OFF-CAMPUS violence being committed against primarily female students, especially among freshmen, Lifeline has developed a newly designed program that may prove to be very effective as it relates to student safety issues off-campus. One studied aspect of the most extreme type of student violence is identified over and over again as originating in off-campus nightclubs, and in many cases, caused by employees of these bars and clubs. This appears to be a growing trend in off-campus violence statistics nationwide.

Student Lifeline is approaching schools of higher learning to subscribe to a service that is now being provided to assist in this growing problem in off-campus settings. Student Lifeline is hired by these schools, at a modest monthly fee, to visit each of the most frequented bars, clubs and other recreational facilities off campus and have the owners of these establishments volunteer to run background checks on their employees as a cautionary measure to reduce the possibility of an individual who may be seeking to commit a crime against unsuspecting students, especially young women who attend these places at night. This would at minimum reduce the prospect of harm towards students by these individuals who seek to “blend” in with the off campus community.

Student Lifeline would monitor the compliance among those establishments on a monthly basis and report back to the school of those firms that have cooperated by conducting these necessary background checks for the safety of their students and make this known to the public-at-large. This would also act as a means to assure the families of students either seeking to attend a particular college or already enrolled, of this important measure being taken by the college administration, an issue of growing concern among parents helping to decide which school their children are to attend, campus and off campus safety.

Learn how your school may subscribe to this important safety program by contacting Student Lifeline at 1-800-543-3829 or email