Gold Lifeline Membership

Picture: Key Tag Illustration — The Membership Card & Key Tag Detach From Each Other


May Be Purchased By Individuals, Corporations, Employers, Unions, Car Dealers, Insurance Agents & Schools For A $10.00 Annual Fee of Unlimited Emergency Taxi Rides

Since 1988, Student Lifeline® has been providing free and unlimited emergency car service payments among leading and participating licensed and insured car, limo & taxi services in getting students home, avoiding drunk/drugged drivers, threatening dates, accidents, etc. This service has now been extended to all individuals and organizations, titled: Gold Lifeline Membership™. Our nationwide network of transportation partners are available (in most instances) 24/7/365. Our operators are available for emergency calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to administer emergency taxi rides to stranded members, even while traveling the country, up to $200 per ride, unlimited usage in emergency situations.

INDIVIDUAL PURCHASER: As an individual, you may order a Gold Lifeline Membership™ Card & Emergency Ride Key Tag, bearing the toll free number, where operators are available 24 hours a day.

SPONSOR DISTRIBUTOR: If you are seeking to purchase any number of Gold Lifeline Memberships for distribution to clients, customers, employees, union members, etc., you may order as few as ten (10) at a time, or as many as you require, with your logo, address and phone number appearing on the opposite side of the card. This is a perfect gift of life saving potential; whether a perk, benefit or gift, the intended recipients will welcome this wholeheartedly.

Simply e-mail your logo, address and phone number, a proof-of-copy will be sent to you for approval prior to printing the membership cards and key tags. You may go to our online store and order the number of memberships you wish to purchase. Each emergency membership card and key tag is numbered, the recipient is able to activate their use of the emergency program by simply going to Each Gold Lifeline Membership card contains an ID number, which is the very number they place in the activation field. This will allow the card membership to provide emergency taxi ride services for 12 full months.

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