Elected Officials/ID Kits

For those elected officials wishing to endorse our Child ID Kit program, please model your letter of endorsement off of the samples below (see attached). You will need a signed letter of endorsement with a photograph of yourself. This letter will appear on all the Child ID Kits we distribute in your area.

Attached along with the letter is also a sample of how you will appear on the kit and the contractual agreement.

What you need to send us:

  1. Photo of elected official to put on ID Kits.
  2. Letter (as it appears on this page)
  3. Your signed agreement

Upon receiving your information and documents, we will set up a time period in which to obtain sponsors for the production and distribution of these Child ID Kits bearing your image, name and title. This entire project began operations in 1988 in New York and is now being extended throughout the United States as a no-cost child safety program, endorsed by elected officials in each of their respective districts. All materials are provided totally at no cost to recipient schools, paid in-full by National Child ID Kits and participating sponsors in each target community.

Letter of Endorsement SampleElected Official ID Kit SampleElected Official Contractual AgreementID Kit Inside Cover